“Escape Velocity" LIVE @ TIPITINA’S, New Orleans, LA, 2018.


Mighty Brother is a New Orleans-based indie rock band with a genre-bending repertoire of upbeat originals ranging from Avett-inspired Americana to Radiohead-esque art rock. Soaring harmonies and striking melodies knit an eclectic sound, guiding the listener through unconventional grooves and adventurous lyricism.


The Vibe EP, Mighty Brother’s sophomore release, is a sonic departure from their Midwestern folk roots, establishing a new 5-piece lineup and a sound as eclectic as New Orleans itself. The EP, funded in part by a generous grant from the Threadhead Cultural Foundation, explores a myriad of genres to tell five stories depicting the culture and vibe of the city. An all-star cast of local musicians and artistic collaborators can be heard on the record.


Following a generous grant from the Threadhead Cultural Foundation, Mighty Brother began tracking in early 2017 at Bear America Records, working with engineers Joe Ceponis (of Quintessential Octopus) and David Hart (of Motel Radio) to craft the sonic pallet that would become The Vibe EP.  Long-term collaborator Eric Day provided mastering, and in its final form, the record features keys by David Polk, slide guitar by Carson Thielen, as well as trumpet and sax cameos by John Culbreth and Nick Ellman, the Naughty Horns of Naughty Professor. Photographer Daniel Grey of United Bakery Records shot the album and individual character artwork.


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The five songs that make up The Vibe take us on a tour of a young band’s distillation of New Orleans. Mighty Brother is an upbeat, refreshing band that delivers a embraceable album. I bet these dudes would be great live.
— Offbeat Magazine