Mighty Brother is an upbeat, refreshing band. I bet these dudes would be great live.”
— Offbeat Magazine

Mighty Brother is a New Orleans-based indie rock band with a genre-bending repertoire of upbeat originals ranging from Avett-inspired Americana to Radiohead-esque art rock. Soaring harmonies and striking melodies knit an eclectic sound, guiding the listener through unconventional grooves and adventurous lyricism.

Mighty Brother’s sophomore release, The Vibe EP, established a new 5-piece lineup and a sound as eclectic as New Orleans itself. Funded in part by a generous grant from the Threadhead Cultural Foundation, the EP explores a myriad of genres to tell five stories inspired the culture and vibe of the city. An all-star cast of local musicians and artistic collaborators can be heard on the record.

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The five songs that make up The Vibe take us on a tour of a young band’s distillation of New Orleans. Mighty Brother is an upbeat, refreshing band that delivers a embraceable album. I bet these dudes would be great live.
— Offbeat Magazine

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