ANNOUNCING: The 2018 Mighty Brother AwardS


Happy New Year and a big THANK YOU to all who made our 2018 truly monumental! What a year of growth and travel and so many memories. We are full to bursting with the generosity and love we’ve found across the country!⁣ 🍾🎉🎊⁣

Customarily, we hand out awards at the end of each tour, sometimes to individuals we interact with, to members of the band, to cities or even inanimate objects. The biggest tour of 2018 took us 584 million miles around the sun, and we’ve decided to hold an award ceremony for this, our greatest journey of the year… which is the year. Here we go!⁣


💰 “Most Clutch Donation” goes to Neil Buckley in solidifying our Kickstarter win of over $6K raised!⁣

⁣🛣⁣ In an unprecedented victory, the USA took home “Most Played Country” with 70+ shows in 17 states! (🇨🇦Canada a close second with 0.)⁣

⁣📀⁣ “Most Albums Performing On” is our very own Quinn Sternberg with 6 records! (3 of those include our upcoming DOUBLE ALBUM and Jake’s new project Ari Carter. Neither group unfortunately was awarded by merit “Released A Record.”)⁣

⁣🇺🇸⁣ Quinn would like to nominate Jimmy Carter for “Best Living President,” but we tried to tell him this wasn’t a category.⁣

⁣🚙⁣ “Most Reliable Ride”, our very own blue Honda Odyssey Poseidon with over 10,000 miles traveled!⁣ (Poseidon also took home the award for “Worst Bed.”)⁣

⁣👏 “Most Enthusiastic New Audience” goes to Washington DC which tolerated 10 shows this year! (In a huge win, DC also took the gold for “Worst Traffic Ever Like Ever Ever.”)⁣

⁣🥃⁣ “Most Generous Host” goes to William John Huster Jr. and Sylvia Fong Schieber with more top-shelf shots than a carpenter’s Instagram.⁣

🥁⁣ “Most Traveled Drummer” goes to Brice Lanham . (John Valdez was a close second but second to none in the award for “Most Hydrated Person in General.”)⁣

⁣👪⁣ “Most Zealous Parent of a Band Member” goes to John’s parents who traveled 1,100 miles to see our performance in Spearfish, SD. ⁣

⁣🍎⁣ The Matthews Opera House & Arts Center took the gold for “Most Naked Juice in a Green Room.” (Nick quickly secured “Most Onstage Burps” just afterwards.)⁣


And that’s all folks! Our goals for 2019 include reinventing ourselves as a reggae band among other things. ⁣