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Dear Mighty Family, 

Over the past year, we have been hard at work on our new DOUBLE ALBUM! Entering 2019, we are proud to say that all of the songs are completely tracked. 

Over the next few months we will be mixing, mastering, creating album artwork, (hopefully) making some music videos, and preparing for a big release tour in Summer or Fall of this year. 

We want to do this release right, so we are building a team including a publicist and booking agent to help us make it the best it can be. 

In order to make this release EVEN BIGGER, we’ve  LAUNCHED A PATREON over at https://www.patreon.com/mightybrotherband. We will be using Patreon funds to tour farther, support an even wider release for our new music, and (hopefully) buy a new van 🚙! Hop over and check it out and help us make you more and more music!

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If you’re here and reading this post, odds are you are already a supporter of our music, and we are very grateful for you listening and following along with our journey.


<3 MB

ANNOUNCING: The 2018 Mighty Brother AwardS


Happy New Year and a big THANK YOU to all who made our 2018 truly monumental! What a year of growth and travel and so many memories. We are full to bursting with the generosity and love we’ve found across the country!⁣ 🍾🎉🎊⁣

Customarily, we hand out awards at the end of each tour, sometimes to individuals we interact with, to members of the band, to cities or even inanimate objects. The biggest tour of 2018 took us 584 million miles around the sun, and we’ve decided to hold an award ceremony for this, our greatest journey of the year… which is the year. Here we go!⁣


💰 “Most Clutch Donation” goes to Neil Buckley in solidifying our Kickstarter win of over $6K raised!⁣

⁣🛣⁣ In an unprecedented victory, the USA took home “Most Played Country” with 70+ shows in 17 states! (🇨🇦Canada a close second with 0.)⁣

⁣📀⁣ “Most Albums Performing On” is our very own Quinn Sternberg with 6 records! (3 of those include our upcoming DOUBLE ALBUM and Jake’s new project Ari Carter. Neither group unfortunately was awarded by merit “Released A Record.”)⁣

⁣🇺🇸⁣ Quinn would like to nominate Jimmy Carter for “Best Living President,” but we tried to tell him this wasn’t a category.⁣

⁣🚙⁣ “Most Reliable Ride”, our very own blue Honda Odyssey Poseidon with over 10,000 miles traveled!⁣ (Poseidon also took home the award for “Worst Bed.”)⁣

⁣👏 “Most Enthusiastic New Audience” goes to Washington DC which tolerated 10 shows this year! (In a huge win, DC also took the gold for “Worst Traffic Ever Like Ever Ever.”)⁣

⁣🥃⁣ “Most Generous Host” goes to William John Huster Jr. and Sylvia Fong Schieber with more top-shelf shots than a carpenter’s Instagram.⁣

🥁⁣ “Most Traveled Drummer” goes to Brice Lanham . (John Valdez was a close second but second to none in the award for “Most Hydrated Person in General.”)⁣

⁣👪⁣ “Most Zealous Parent of a Band Member” goes to John’s parents who traveled 1,100 miles to see our performance in Spearfish, SD. ⁣

⁣🍎⁣ The Matthews Opera House & Arts Center took the gold for “Most Naked Juice in a Green Room.” (Nick quickly secured “Most Onstage Burps” just afterwards.)⁣


And that’s all folks! Our goals for 2019 include reinventing ourselves as a reggae band among other things. ⁣


We are back in New Orleans from an amazing 3 week tour that took us all the way North to Chicago and Minneapolis, West to Spearfish and Denver, and back through Oklahoma and Dallas. We are excited to share with you just how the tour went in this, our Odyssey Tour Round-up!

Photo from Sofar Sounds Birmingham by Ang H. Studio | www.anghstudio.com


  • 5 musicians

  • 20 days

  • 56+ hours in transit

  • 3,731+ miles

  • 13 shows

  • 1 Honda Odyssey


Every show on the tour was special to us, but there were a couple of major highlights:

We got to kick-off the fall season at the Matthew’s Opera House and Arts Center in Spearfish, South Dakota. It was formal, complete with programs programs, an intermission, and almonds in the greenroom. Nick even ironed his shirt. It was beautiful to showcase our songwriting and to share our story in such an established and elegant arts venue.

In Chicago…. (READ MORE on facebook with link to blog) we played a Sofar Sounds show at this amazing loft. There were 4 levels of loft space with feet dangling and people getting a bird’s eye view of the band. We played without microphones which meant Nick and Jake sang their hearts out to reach the upper levels. It was decked out with smart lights and string lights that gave the space a magical vibe, and the audience was incredibly warm and receptive. A group of attendees even came out to see us the following night when we played The Store.

A Monday night in Denver caught us completely by surprise. When touring, you’re lucky to book any gig on a Monday night--luckier still to see it well attended. Oh boy, were we lucky! In fact, our Monday night in Denver was our best ever Monday night. We played at a venue called Your Mom’s House and shared the bill with amazing local bands Kiltro, Dead and the Daylily, and Matt12String. A contingent of fellow Bloomington, IN friends showed up shortly before our show. The place was lively, the light show was solid, sound was on-point, and after an upbeat set, Kiltro kept people dancing late into the night!


Tour is much more than just a string of shows. Along the winding road, a band experiences quite a bit, and a certain culture evolves. Performing every night and sharing space so consistently truly builds a nuanced musical connection, as well as deepening friendships.

Our very first night on tour was spent in Birmingham, AL. This was somewhat of a momentous night for Nick and Jake as they were finally sharing a bill with a close friend made long ago on their first trip down to New Orleans. Marcus Fetch is a muralist, musician, entrepreneur, and an all around amazing individual. We spent the night at his spot and stayed up way late sharing songs, jamming out, Nick was playing the drum-set with pens he found, and, ultimately, playing some video games. Good hangs and reconnecting with old friends like Marcus are a huge reason that we love touring.

We had 2 days off after our Monday night banger in Colorado, so we were taking it easy and making a road-trip out of it. As we drove through Colorado Springs, Quinn landed upon the question in all of our minds… “where are the Springs?” which subsequently led to us going an hour out of our way to find the Dakota Hot Springs. This no-cameras-allowed, clothing optional, part-RV-park, and (pretty sure) part-old-folks-home gave us just the break we needed after a long run of shows and before beginning the arduous drive back East. They had built a pool around the natural hot springs and an even smaller pool they called “The Well” that held the most heat. We each dared to submerge in the boiling temperatures of the Well. Some of us practiced volleyball. We got serenaded by an old fan of CCR, called foreigners, and Jake played lifeguard when an older woman almost fell out of her wheelchair. He caught her, and when she looked up and saw his fit frame… well, she was a very happy woman in that moment.

Lastly, but definitely not least, we have to share how lucky we were to tour with John Valdez. You may remember John from our Bloomington days. Back then, John played most shows with the band and recorded the drum parts for our first album “Jettison. Reprise.” When he heard we were without a drummer for this run, John volunteered to come along for the ride. It was amazing having him back on the road. Not only is John a dynamite drummer, he is also a great friend! He was up for all our tour shenanigans, from late nights out to a heavy rotation of card games. He kept us hydrated (you can’t beat that 2 for $8 deal on Dasani!). He really helped us see out our musical vision for this run. Thank you John!


For all of those who have asked, “so, how was tour?” Here’s the answer: The Odyssey Tour may have been our best tour yet. Everything went smoothly. We played great shows, were received positively everywhere we went, had an awesome journey, and were able to connect with friends both old and new. We appreciate each and every person who believes in us and supports our band and our music. We are so lucky to be on this great adventure with y’all.

<3 Mighty Brother