Over the past month we ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund our newest project, a double album called “The Rabbit. The Owl.”

Together, we raised $6,570 toward our new music, and we cannot be more grateful to each and every one of the people who backed our work and helped us spread the word.

We want to publicly thank each and every backer right here:

Donna Devine & Dave Tarver | Neil BuckleyΒ |Β Esther Tuttle | Caitlyn Glidden | Kathy Devine | Madi McNew | Sam Tischler | Jane Sycks | Ryan Tarver | Genna Fish | Barb Tischler | Michael Birk | Leo Goran | Will Useman | Eli Rumpf | Janet Cowperthwaite | Madeline King | John Powers | Bob Baylor | Lee Heffernan & Peter Sternberg | Kevin Reynolds | Dan & Ann Heffernan | Ian Hicks | Rosalyn Sternberg | Eve Rumpf-Sternberg | Marianne Hunt | Judy Williams | Kyle Lecky | Cynthia Butler | Lia Bronsard | Karter Harmon | Christine Saja | Kenneth Kirkman | Sarah Smith | Britt Rossman | Kevin Romanak | Jimmy Goddard | Marcus Fetch | Cary Davis | Laura McCleer | Kyle Houpt | Rubia Hagans | Scott Schauer | Don Dennis | Katie Gamache | Steven Watts | Haven Schrock | William Huster & Sylvia Schieber | Melissa Chua | Tony Micocci | Eli Lev | Jesse Lacy | Diana Lanzas | Neil Shah | Savini Ranaweera | Bill & Gertrude Huster | Jeremy Pingul | Victoria Welch | Dana Vanderburgh | Juergen Schieber | Sarita & Alvaro Lanzas

If you missed your chance to support us on Kickstarter, you can still show your love for our music and help us along by purchasing our latest EP or any of our music on Bandcamp.Β  BUY MERCH




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